FitLine® Products

What are FitLine products?

Above all, FitLine products provide virtually all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and vital substances that a person needs daily for better well-being. Based on the holistic concept FitLine products help to better cope with the challenges of everyday life for an active and healthy lifestyle, even at an advanced age.

As it is known, proper nutrition plays a vital role in staying healthy and maintaining a high level of energy in a world of increased physical or mental load. Moreover, it is objectively impossible to ensure today our bodies with all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and vital substances through our regular diet (too few fruits, vegetables, salads, and wholemeal products). In addition, there are individual circumstances that make things worse – lack of time, lots of traveling, smoking, and alcohol consumption. However, we have FitLine products that compensate for those adverse effects ensuring more fitness, higher performance, and better regeneration. So, by using FitLine products, You can have – more energy, better sleep, recover faster after physical loads, and feel much better.

Popular among folks and elite athletes

FitLine products are built on the foundation of the latest scientific findings, backed by a team of experts that is the only one of its kind in the world. They are unique and extremely efficient, due to patented NTC® and NanoSolve technologies. The ultimate manufacturing quality standards – GMP, and control – ELAB Analytic GmbH. All-natural, with no artificial sweeteners or dyes. Safe, and doping-free – the Cologne List Certification Seal ( As a result, FitLine products are popular both among regular users and elite athletes.